December 11, 2011 § 3 Comments

This would be Emily (right) and her 20-year-old daughter, bonding over a good laugh at someone’s expense. That someone would be Pindick, lower-right, who somehow lost his pants while chatting up the ladies on Skype. See more on the “Like Mother, Like Daughter” page.

This is Misty, aka The Size Vixen, or in Pindick’s opinion, “The Queen of Mean.” Misty has talked Pindick into some truly degrading scenarios.  See the videos on xxxxx for examples of her influence over the poor boy.

Kat, disrespecting Pindick’s manhood. “She’s Having Way Too Much Fun.”

Daphne, who is “Not as Sweet as She Looks.”

Keep looking, Nikki.  It really is there … somewhere.  “Maybe If I Had a Bigger Monitor.”

Valery from Dracula Land, who says she wants to bite Pindick’s cock — hard. “From Romania with Love.”

Two roommates who really should not be laughing at a middle-aged man’s genitals.  I think they must be “Mean Girls.”

Miley, who knows a thing or two about penis.  “But You Didn’t Do the Blog, So Someone Had To.”

Pindick apparently got under Heather’s skirt — er, skin.  Because “Geez … Hell Hath No Fury.”

Kimber Peters might be a familiar face.  That’s because she’s “The Porn Star.”

Dee took one look at Pindick and it was a no-brainer:  “Dee Finds a Doll.”